Why SoLo?

We’ve come to simply accept that a diet may not work. We literally go in knowing it’s not gonna do a dang thing. More and more we’ve decided to treat our health like a dollar store purchase or lottery ticket. “Here goes nothing!” we say, like we just purchased a 24-pack of AA batteries for $2.99. Or “This time!” as we deliver a wishful sigh to our proverbial Scratch Off.

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Though the diet industry would love for you to believe that losing weight is far more complicated than it is, the truth is, it’s not rocket science. What we thought we knew is all wrong. Instead of trying to eliminate macro nutrients like carbs and fats, the key to long term weight management is to look at the bigger picture and see how all the nutrients combine to affect our body’s blood sugar. Foods that don’t spike and crash our blood sugar are called low glycemic. The carbs in these foods release energy slowly into the body and make us feel more satisfied longer and give us sustained energy over a longer timeframe. Pretty simple, right?

Generations of nagging parents have yelled at us about eating healthy. They’ve said things like “There’s no food in your food!” and “Eat something that will stick to your ribs.” Unlike other diet bars, SoLo actually works because it gives you sustained energy. That means, you won’t be starving an hour later and reach for more calories. You’ll be satisfied and get this…stay satisfied.

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What's in a SoLo?



All our products score under 40 on the glycemic index. Under 55 is considered low, that makes us so low (you see what we did there?).



Wholesome ingredients provide a blend of nutrition. You will never see artificial ingredients in our products. We’re as real as Sunday morning.



No spikes. No crashes. Just steady, consistent energy to slay all day.


Slow releasing carbs absorb slower and give us that super sustained satisfied feeling for much longer. Satisfaction is what we all want, right? (Mick Jagger should give us a whirl).


Thousands of satisfied customers have told us that our products are the best tasting they have ever had. Who are we to argue?

What's GI

With the Low Glycemic lifestyle, we use real ingredients and a little bit of science to give you effective weight management and truly satisfying nutrition.
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Shop SoLo

$13.99 – or subscribe and get up to 20% off

$13.99 – or subscribe and get up to 20% off

$13.99 – or subscribe and get up to 20% off

Don't take our word for it

Tried the Peanut one, and loved it! Already got the Chocolate Brownie one to try as well. They're so chewy and moist, not like other nutrition bars I've had before.

Mona M

Unlike most nutrition bars I've tried, this not only did not upset my stomach but was really easy to get down. I felt energized without feeling jittery and crashing and absolutely loved the chocolate flavor. I would definitely recommend this to people who are looking for a good boost in energy for work outs or other activities.

Amalia D

Great bar! Loved it, as did my sister who I shared it with. Will be adding it to our regular rotation of on-the-go bars and snacks! Can't wait to try other flavors.

Suzie F

I got the Chocolate Brownie Bliss and it was delicious! I really like that there isn't any artificial sweeteners, it is gluten free, still delicious and high in protein and fiber. I would definitely recommend to friends and families.

Kate L

The peanut bar is delicious. This is by far one of the best energy nutrition bars I have ever eaten and I will definitely buy it again. I look forward to trying the other flavors.

Lisa T

This was amazing. Sometimes when you get bars like these they taste chalky. This was like eating a brownie coated in chocolate but not too sweet. Gave me the pick me up I needed. I would definitely have these again!!

Kristan A

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