Society is getting fatter and sicker. The World Health Organization calls it the 21st Century Plague. We even have new terms for this global pandemic: “Globesity” and “Diabesity.” But there is hope! A scientific consensus is pointing to blood sugar management as key to managing weight, sustaining energy and living more vitally. Understanding how society got into this mess informs us how to get out of it. But to go forward, we first need to look backwards. Fundamentally, there’s a big disconnect between our “Stone Age” body design and our modern diet and sedentary lifestyle. Our ancestors didn’t hunt in stores or eat processed foods. Diabesity results from a mismatch between a digestive system and metabolism, adapted to a hunter-gatherer environment, being pushed beyond its limits. The source of the problem is the blood sugar “spike, crash and crave.” This metabolic process helped our prehistoric ancestors store

COVID-19 has created new impetus for the battle against Diabesity.  The need to resolve the interlinked epidemics of diabetes and obesity, which the WHO calls the 21st Century Plague, is more dire than ever.  COVID-19 is opportunistically exploiting an underlying susceptibility of those living with these chronic health conditions.  According to the CDC, and as reported in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (April 22, 2020), comorbidity resulting from hypertension (56.6%), obesity (41.7%) and diabetes (33.8%) increase the risk of infection and serious outcomes from COVID-19 including invasive medical ventilation, kidney replacement and death. The post COVID-19 world will result in shifting priorities and new adaptations.  COVID-19 has increased the stakes at all levels, requiring a consolidated effort by individuals, health professionals and politicians to tackle Diabesity at its source.  While we currently lack the tools to combat COVID-19, we do have the knowledge and opportunity to win

KELOWNA, BC, March 10, 2020/-- SoLo GI® Nutrition Bar has been selected as an ideal pandemic snack for hospital staff, patients and first responders.   To prepare for Coronavirus COVID-19 experts recommend a 30 day supply of non-perishable food and fresh water for the pandemic pantry. SoLo GI® Nutrition Bars are well suited as a pandemic snack for institutional, corporate and home use, covering a broad range of dietary restrictions for all ages: diabetic friendly, gluten-free, plant-based and kosher.   In planning for an influenza (flu) pandemic, Alberta Health selected SoLo GI Bar for staff, patients and Command Centre personnel after conducting a comprehensive analysis of nutrition bars. The City of Edmonton also chose SoLo GI Bar for emergency planning following field tests with police, firemen and paramedics. SoLo GI Bar is unlike other bars that may cause a rapid rise and fall of

KELOWNA, BC, December 10, 2019 /-- SoLo Nutrition, a premium functional foods company, announced today the start of a strategic partnership with United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI) in Canada.   The partnership will utilize UNFI’s world class logistics network to create a streamlined and efficient route to market for SoLo Nutrition products. SoLo Nutrition and UNFI first started working together in 2014 when UNFI began distributing SoLo nutrition bars to customers throughout Canada.  The new partnership expands the relationship by allowing SoLo Nutrition to tap into UNFIs expertise with processing, fulfilling and shipping orders to all customers who order SoLo Nutrition products. “Today’s announcement marks a major milestone for SoLo Nutrition.  Up until this point, we have been able to fulfill the majority of our customer orders from our own warehouse in Kelowna, B.C.  But the demand for our products has grown to

Aligning nicely with the newly unveiled Food Guidelines in Canada, New Era Nutrition announced today the launch of SoLo plant-based superfood bars.  New Era Nutrition, a premium functional foods company, has been closely monitoring the dietary needs of consumers and was thrilled to see that Health Canada came to the same conclusion on the importance of plants, protein and whole grain foods (slow release carbs). The new line of SoLo bars will come in three delicious flavours: Fruits & Nuts Superfood with Baobab, Nuts & Seeds Superfood with Baobab, and Nutbutter Superfood with Baobab. “As we’ve seen with the new 2019 Canadian Food Guidelines, there’s a shift towards a plant-based healthy diet. With a focus on protein from plant-based sources such as the seeds and nuts found in SoLo Superfoods nutrition bars, consumers are discovering nutrient-packed options that they may not

New Era Nutrition, a premium functional foods company, announced today the promotion of Dean Williams from President to President & Chief Executive Officer.  Saul Katz, who founded New Era Nutrition, will transition to Chairman of the Board.   The company also announced the reorganization of its corporate board of directors. The organizational changes will allow the company to deliver against its mission of bringing wholesome and nutritious low glycemic products to consumers. The promotion for Williams should not come to anyone’s surprise. In the six months since joining New Era Nutrition, Williams has overseen the successful launch of a new line of plant-based superfood nutrition bars, expanded sales operations into the massive USA market and recruited high quality talent to join the organization. “Dean has earned the respect of our customers, investors, partners and especially, our Board of Directors,” said Katz.  “He

New Era Nutrition, a premium functional foods company, announced the hiring of Lester Solomon as Vice President of Sales.   In this role, Solomon will be a key member of the company executive team and will be responsible for delivering all sales related aspects for the business.  Solomon joins New Era Nutrition from Shoppers Drug Mart, where he was Category Director overseeing the Nutrition & Energy Bars, Vitamins, Weight and Diet, and Diabetic categories. Having spent the past six years at one of Canada’s largest and most respected retailers, Solomon has gained significant expertise understanding the needs of shoppers. He is well prepared to help New Era Nutrition accelerate their business and position the SoLo brand as a leader in the nutrition bar category. “We are thrilled to have Lester join us on our mission to bring the benefits of low glycemic nutrition

For over two decades Saul Katz has been a trailblazer in the health industry, and his efforts continue to win national accolades. Last week OptiMYz Magazine ranked Katz among the Top 100 Health Influencers in the country for his leadership in tackling obesity and diabetes. Representing the five brand pillars of OptiMYz Magazine: health, fitness, nutrition, adventure and mental wellbeing, Katz along with other nominees was recognized for his contributory role towards a more healthful population in Canada. Saul Katz, founder of New Era Nutrition, devoted years researching the science behind blood sugar management through food. Convinced that a radical shift is required to reverse the interlinked epidemics of obesity, diabetes and the energy deficit, Katz championed the “slow carb revolution” and adoption of a low glycemic diet and lifestyle that includes greater physical activity. “It’s a great honor to be considered among

New Era Nutrition, Inc., a consumer packaged goods company specializing in low glycemic index foods, announced today the addition of two new senior members to its staff.  Dean Williams joins the company as President and Carlos Alentejano joins as Chief Operating Officer.  The hires come as the company prepares to launch new products in the Canadian market and introduce the SoLo GI brand to the United States consumer.