Our Mission Is Simple

Help people achieve long term weight management success (and enjoy it)

The Problem:

70% of our country’s population is overweight or obese which means they have a much higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on excess health and medical services each year and the overall quality of life for most people in the country is significantly decreased by carrying the extra weight.   How did we get into this mess? Well, we believe over the past 50 years, we have been misled about how food effects our bodies. All these billion dollar diet companies, with their fancy corporate lawyers and expensive government lobbyists have created a death spiral for billions of people worldwide.

Let us be clear, the diet industry might be factually correct in the information they provide consumers, but it is certainly not the whole story.  They create these “elimination diets”, where the secret to losing weight is usually to cut out something that makes the product taste good or is nutritiously beneficial.   If we all were in a perfect lab environment with scientists, I am sure all these diets would work great. But we are in the real world and people are just not successful on those diets.  Not even close. Sure maybe they lose weight for a couple weeks or a month tops- but certainly not long term. All the statistics tell us that we are much larger and unhealthier today than any time in our human history!

We believe the reason for this is because the mental part of weight management is just as important as the physical side.  The best kind of diet is the one that you can stick to. And one diet that is incredibly hard to stick to is the ‘low carb diet’.  There are millions of people that have proven that low carb diets work…. in the short term. But certainly not for the long term. Actually, within a few months, 97.5% of low carb dieters gain back all the weight they lost and more.  So what’s the point of going through all the pain and suffering of eliminating carbs from our diet only to gain it all back again?

The SoLo Solution:

We believe there is a better way, we call it The SoLo Way.

Let’s be real, we do more than just think about carbs during the day, we actually crave them!  But it’s important to understand that Not All Carbs Are Created Equal.  Paying attention to the types of carbs we eat could save our life.  Some carbs are fast releasing – which promote weight gain and deliver a short burst of energy- making us more hungry.  While other carbs, like the ones found in SoLo bars, are slow releasing – which make you feel more satisfied longer. Numerous studies have shown that people are less hungry and have more energy when they eat slow release carbs like the ones in SoLo bars. The SoLo Way is about going “slow carb” and enjoying the benefits of a low carb diet, without all the negative side effects.  This gives people an opportunity to achieve long term weight management success and still enjoy eating carbs along the journey.

Soloists Unite:

We believe we are doing something really special here at SoLo – finding a sustainable solution to a global problem.  But we can’t do it alone. The deck is stacked against us – billion dollar corporations and government lobbyists don’t want change. They are content with the lose-gain, lose-gain death spiral of hundreds of millions of people.  We need all the Soloists out there to rise up and join us on our mission to share the truth about achieving long term weight management by enjoying slow carbs.

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